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Posted by: Keli Hillier on 12/15/2022

Into Holy Ground

We have a conscious, sub-conscious and un-conscious state of being.  After experiencing death first hand, I believe there is a fourth level of consciousness, which I call the Spirit Conscious.

This is where our soul connects with the Holy Spirit in a heightened sense of awareness.  It is a place that is simultaneously raw and whole. I personally believe this is where God does some of His best work. 

The Spirit Conscious is where I spent time in the ICU, during my days of battling death.  As the medical team fought for my life, God showed up powerfully.  And as I fell into Him, He transformed the ICU into Holy Ground.

Today I am learning to navigate life on oxygen and with walking aids.  As my physical healing progresses, I choose to enter into what God is doing and rejoice as He turns every place I step into Holy Ground.

Keli Hillier


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