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Posted by: Karen McCracken on 01/11/2022

Intensive Forgiveness Retreat

Don't put off embracing the forgiveness God has for us and commands of us. Learn to forgive others and forgive self. Learn to embrace the fullness of Biblical 70 x 7 forgiveness and what it truly means.  

Is an intensive Forgiveness Retreat right for you? Are you holding on to UNforgiveness? Is the past stuck on replay in your mind? Do you find it hard to rest? Difficult to find peace and purpose? Then this just might be what you need. 

What do you mean by "intensive"? Intensive simply means concentrating on the topic and strengthening or increasing your knowledge or abilities in the area of forgiveness. 

Are these private retreats? Yes, each retreat setting will be a private setting with 7 to 12 other participants. If you, your women's group or church would like to set up a Forgiveness Retreat weekend or a mini-Forgiveness Retreat for more participants, please contact Karen to discuss those details and logistics

No matter the size of the group,  all details of your personal journey will be kept within the group. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate bringing children or pets with you. (Service dogs are the exception.) No social media posts or pictures are allowed to be taken without permission. Retreats are not streamed nor will they be recorded. 

What kind of time do I need to set aside for the retreat? Most retreats are 3 days and 2 nights over a Friday thru Sunday, with exceptions to larger mini-retreats. There will be a schedule of events including prayer time, worship, classes, relaxation, quiet time and personal time along with meals and a bit of fun! (Can't have a retreat without some laughter involved.) Travel is not included in the price. 

What do I have to bring and what do I wear? Dress is casual and comfortable. Bring all your basic daily supplies such as clothing, toiletries, etc. just like you would to any other retreat or get-away. Bring your Bible and any snacks or soda you want. Are meals provided? Most meals are provided although there are different types of venues and arrangements depending on where the retreat you attend is taking place. Details, costs and expectations will be stated for each event before you register. 

For additional information on upcoming dates of scheduled retreats in your area go to womaninspired.com and click on EVENTS or RETREATS. Or contact Karen at: karen@womaninspired.com

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