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Posted by: Judy Dippel on 11/14/2017

Inspired to Write? Freelance Writing 101 is so much fun!

Do you want to take what's rumbling around in your head, and what God has placed on your heart. . . and actually get it written? You can! The biggest challenge is to simply begin. . . let's do it together!

Whether I teach a single workshop for a few hours, or a weekend retreat, writing is a topic that is limitless. Together, we can brainstorm to see what writing topics will benefit your group the most.

I can provide as much or as little as your group needs, to give a kick start to the writing projects that need to get done, or begin the stories that are clamoring to be told. Whether an individual wants to write a blog, article, newsletter, or book... small or large, we can tackle "how to do it" together. And writing is one thing, and publishing is another. I can help others avoid the industry pitfalls inspirational writers can fall into. It's a complex industry, so I'll give some important tips if publishing is also a dream.

I make it simple, so you can WRITE SMART!

Click here to view “A – Write Enticing Articles.” It is FREE for you!

Take a deep breath, you can get it written. 

Be inspired. 

Feel the relief. Help is here! You will gain greater confidence, propel your skills to higher levels, and move closer towards becoming the writer you need to be, or dream to be. 

This is so much fun! Let's get started. . . contact me today!