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Posted by: Keli Hillier on 06/26/2018

In the Dirt

We can either be on our feet, stone in hand, or on our knees, in the dirt, next to Jesus.  As followers of Christ, we are God's physical representation of His Love and His Compassion.  Hurt and brokenness surround us:  In the world around us, people sitting in the pew next to us, and often times within us.  How often do we arrive at church, put a smile on our face and hide our pain.  Church should be the place where we bring our pain, not where we feel the need to hide it the most.  And unfortunately, many believers have been hurt so deeply in church that they have walked away from the Body of Christ all together.  This is not the heart of our God. After all, how can we show an unbelieving world the genuineness of Christ if we do not know how to be real with one another. 

Keli Hillier 

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