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Posted by: Michelle Neujahr on 01/15/2016

In “Purse” Suit of Christ: Unpacking and Repacking You Spiritual Purse

As women we often carry heavy purses – full of all the stuff we are sure we ‘will’ need or stuff collected along the way. Our spiritual purses are no different – they’re often full of stuff we don’t need or with things distracting us from living fully and completely in relationship with Christ. This program is designed to take women deeper into their walk with Jesus. Michelle Neujahr, motivational speaker and lover of Jesus will share her testimony. She’s been set free from addiction, abuse, negativity, depression and spiritual darkness – she carried a heavy load for many years. But GOD is bigger than our stuff! As Michelle shares her pursuit of Christ she will share the nuggets He taught her along the way and how he continues to lighten the load every day. In this session, women will learn news ways to remove the contents of their ‘purse’, know what to do with the junk and then be given a plan for putting only the things back in our purses that draw us closer to Jesus. This life-changing session is designed to help women heal – to help them see their ‘purses’ through God’s eyes and leave the restructuring to Him. If you want a truly transformational program, guaranteed to bring your women together - this is the program for you. 

 As the result of this session, attendees will: 

  • Have a safe place to look at what’s in their ‘purse’
  • Be encouraged to let Jesus have their stuff
  • Explore new ways to restructure their lives to live more fully in love with Jesus
  • Experience the healing presence of Jesus
  • Laugh, cry and connect with one another and with the Lord

Perfect audiences for this presentation:

  • Women’s groups, conferences or retreats
  • Teen girls

Methods of delivery:

  • Interactive keynote
  • Breakout session
  • Half-day seminar
  • Weekend retreat
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