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Posted by: Judy Dippel on 11/14/2017

Important "P" Words. The Good, Bad, and Ugly!

PERFECTION,  PRIDE, PERSEVERANCE. . . and PRAYER play a significant part in our daily battles and Christian experience on this earth. Let's take an in depth look at all four of these important aspects of our life!   

We will look at why perfection and guilt go hand-in-hand, and how we can get a healthy grip on our desire to be perfect in all things, that is induced by both our Christian culture and our competitive, stress-filled American culture. 

We will take a realistic look at pride, and why the flip-side of pride stings! It can be one of the most challenging aspects of our human existence. Learn what is God-given healthy pride, and the kind of pride that can subtly undermine your relationship with others and with God.

Perseverance. . . and how we can be assured that God is ahead of us in the storm. In the seasons of trials and tribulations, our lives are testimony to the love and strength of God that is poured out fully to us. We can learn to expect and recognize that Jesus walks right beside us, matching our every step. 

Prayers cling and so does God! In whatever state we find ourselves, we have carte blanche to God, day and night. He hears. . . communicates. . . and loves at all times! God is ever-present and waiting to increase his relationship with us. We can learn to be patient and persistent in prayer. You are not alone!