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Posted by: Deb Potts on 09/06/2016

I'm Mad at You!

Were you taught to 'hit back' as a kid? I was! It's only fair, right? Give as good as you get, fight fire with fire, you get what you deserve. That's fair!

But God plays by different rules. God doesn't play fair. He doesn't give us what we deserve when we receive His forgiveness. Jim Daly writes, "Relationships thrive when we put aside what someone deserves and give them what they need." God's plan for forgiveness wasn't fair to Jesus, it was extravagant and gracious. He asks us to forgive others in the same way.

I'm Mad at You is a one hour workshop about forgiveness, based on Deb's book, Making Peace with Prickly People. Who am I mad at? Is it God, myself or others? Your audience will learn how to forgive just about anyone...and who they should never forgive. 

A demonstration of making "Anger Smoothies" helps bring home the danger of holding anger inside. Audience members are given an opportunity demonstrate their forgiveness by shredding a forgiveness card as they leave the event. 

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