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Posted by: Deedy Tripp on 07/27/2022

Idol Lies

Idols always lie; and we all have idols. Discover how to identify existing idols, destroy them before they threaten your devotion to God, and protect yourself from future entrapment.  


We usually define “idolatry” as making anything in your life more important than God. We think as long as God is number one on our list, then we don’t have idols, but that’s not necessarily true. Just because we may not have a statue of Baal in our backyard does not mean we are free from idols. Idols can take many forms – even good things can become idols. When we allow idols to creep into our lives, hearts and minds, those idols, and the lies they tell us, begin to draw us away from God. 

When we fall for idol lies, we begin to idolize. 

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