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Posted by: Becka Brady on 01/25/2022

Identifying Your Self-Worth

Becka looks forward to bringing this message of self-worth to your next event. Equipping women with a loving message that they are worthy and highly valued. 

Many women grew up in homes not feeling valued or cherished. Even inside of marriage a woman can go years living with a lack of respect, honor, love and being cherished. You may see yourself looking constantly for places where you can escape the constant feeling of not being good enough but still coming up with a sense of unworthiness.

As women we can go a lifetime feeling like we are unworthy because of negative messages sent our way from a parent, teacher, spouse or friends.  We simply may not realize that we are of great value to God. He truly is the only source that matters when it comes to our value. 

And in His eyes...YOU are highly valued. 

Becka will give your audience creative tools to overcome self-doubt and abandon the negative messages that keep many women stuck in a complacent mindset of defeat. 


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