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Posted by: Stefanie Jane Martino on 05/19/2022


Identified: What are the women in your church identifying with? God calls us out, to be separate from the world, but often holiness seems to be missing. When Christians seek their identity in Christ, they start to live the life He wants them to identify with. Jesus gives us the strength when we walk in His will, but too many women are not searching the Word to find the will of God or their identity in Christ. Jesus came to mend the brokenhearted, yet some people are broken over the wrong things. Let Stefanie show the women of your church who they are in Jesus’s eyes, for they are perfect in His image. After women recognize their redemption in Christ set them free from the bondage of the world, then they can live out the will of God, and being courageous for Christ becomes their identity. Fear Not For You Are Redeemed

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