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Posted by: Chris Manion on 04/19/2017

How You Can Overcome Your Current Obstacles

 If you're shaking your head wondering how you're ever going to get through the current obstacles in your path, you need to book Chris for some stress relief and solutions to help you and your group move forward. For twenty-five years, Chris Manion led a team of more than 5,000 people - mostly women - through the ups and downs of running a home-based direct selling business. Obstacles were plenty and unique to each one of her team, yet several universal truths stood as foundational pillars. Drawing on her "two lines/two circles" strategy to overcoming whatever prevents you from achieving your goals, Chris goes beyond affirmations (which may not be working for you) to help you leave your meeting with a list of personally created strategies. Begin to bowl down the obstacles in your path. Learn how to achieve peace, progress, and success.

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