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Posted by: Cheri Strange on 12/10/2018

How to Turn Around Doubt

Too often you and I find ourselves worrying. Over-analyzing. Agonizing over mental dramas we have played out in our minds. Before long, we can end up doubting the fundamentals of our lives. If we are not careful, we stop believing God will be faithful to us. We lose sight that He cares or will act. How do we get back? How do we turn that doubt around and get back to a place of peace? Of security? Of absolute trust in a faithful God? 

This session meets us where we might find ourselves time and time again. But there is hope! Cheri takes the Word of God that enables us to turn around doubt and unbelief to encourage and equip you toward a brighter today. With real-world examples and the ability to come in close, this session will offer hope and direction for all ages. 

Cheri Strange, Ph.D.


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