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Posted by: Rhonda Stoppe on 07/18/2017

How to Live the Life You Meant to Live

Are you who you want to be? Looking back on what you hoped to do with your life do you find yourself discouraged, disappointed, or filled with regret? These are just a couple of questions Rhonda will ask listeners to ponder. 

In this message Rhonda offers hope to women who feel stuck but don't know where to begin making changes. Beginning with clearly defining the gospel to help listeners discern if they truly have a relationship with Christ, Rhonda walks through biblical principles to help women move from helpless to hopeful as they seek first God's kingdom. Rhonda offers real steps to help women learn how to press in to their relationship with Christ and live the life they were born to live.

WATCH: God Chose You - Will You Live with No Regrets?

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