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Posted by: Jeanette Levellie on 04/17/2017

How to Have A Yummy Life

Need to experience more zest & less stress in your daily life? Using the acrostic MMM, Jeanette shows how we can add flavor and fun to our lives and make sour situations sweeter. Full of biblical insights, humor, and audience participation, you will learn how to use:

Music--praise and worship will lift your spirits and help you believe God's love. Jeanette shares unique ways to praise Jesus during the ordinary times of your day; 

Meditating on God's Word-- The Word of God is powerful and alive. When we think about it and hide it in our hearts, it changes us from the inside out. Jeanette helps you learn simple, fun ways to add more of the Word to your life; 

Merriment--Laughter keeps us healthy and brings joy. With her hallmark humor, Jeanette shares ways to add more humor to your life and sends you home with a lighter heart. 

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