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Posted by: Mary R Snyder on 12/08/2020

How to be a Standout Virtual Event Speaker

Virtual events are here to stay and understanding how to best communicate in a virtual setting is key to getting booked.  Compelling virtual communicators are in great demand.  This workshop will equip you to be a standout virtual speaker.

·       Creating a virtual event space (without spending loads of money)

·       Affordable tech to make you look and sound great

·       How to use your voice on camera

·       Power of a rehearsal

·       How to use slides to your advantage

·       How to connect with a virtual audience

·       How to create lasting connections

<Attendee benefit – attendee walks away with the information and resources that enable him/ her to be an effective digital communicator>

Mary R Snyder is a speaker coach, podcast host and has produced hundreds of live events and over 25 virtual events.  She's been on the stage and behind the stage as a speaker, emcee, and producer.  Over 20 years in the industry working with some of the most influential speakers in the country, gives Mary the expertise to help you grow your speaking ministry.  www.maryrsnyder.com 

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