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Posted by: Evelyn Leite on 09/26/2022

How It Feels To Be Addicted to Substances

Do you love family members and friends who are addicted to alcohol, drugs or other substances? Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be them?

Evelyn Leite was raised in a dysfunctional home, married an alcoholic, became an addict and now counsels and provides training for addicts and their families.

Substance abuse is a confusing, puzzling and baffling issue. 

It is important to understand that it is a disease issue, not a moral issue. 

And while it may be a critical issue for the afflicted (and those around them), it is not a hopeless issue. 

Evelyn brings strength, courage, compassion and understanding to the mess of addiction. 

Through her gift of sharing openly and honestly, she teaches us all about love, faith, vulnerability, fear, anger, perseverance, starting over, and most importantly, truth. 

She is the definition of one who not only talks the talk; she walks the walk. She dances into dark places, bringing the light, life and love of God to hurting souls.

Hope for every addict and their families lies in acceptance and courage, in surrender and gratitude. 

Most of all, hope is found in ordinary people who are willing to share their painful histories with others who need to hear them. This is what Evelyn teaches and models.

Because, in the end, we are all HIS-story.

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