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Posted by: Denise Pass on 07/28/2018

Hope Reinvented: 5 Talks

Hope can be so illusive, especially when it is placed in this world. Denise masterfully shares how our hope has led us to disillusionment, discouragement and depression, but God has a hope that does not disappoint.

Hope - an anchor for the soul, is often hooked on temporal things. Continually on a quest

for this yearning within us, our soul's hunger for the moment our hopes are realized. But

what really is hope and what happens when the hopes we have died? We are taught to

dream and hope, but not taught how to hope. Seems like an obvious, automatic human

behavior, but this world’s idea of hope is not to hope at all. We tend to fill our hopes with

lesser things that perish; misplaced goals that are anchored in the comfort and happiness

of this world.

When our hope is unfulfilled or crushed, we can become disillusioned and may try to

resolve this pain with coping mechanisms or by striving to attain on our own the hope we

desire. We can blame God and feel entitled to the hope we thought we had. We might even

try to placate this deep unmet longing within us and numb ourselves to

the painful reality that we have lost our hope or maybe we never really ha dit in the first

place. God has so much more in mind for us.

What if our idea of hope that has been handed down to us is in the wrong place? What if

our desire for a perfect, happy life leaves our faith in a vulnerable state in this fallen world?

Sometimes the life WE had planned is interrupted by tragic circumstances that leave us

broken and hopeless. This is where Hope Reinvented is a healing balm to those afflicted

with a seemingly hopeless life.

When life hurts, we need real answers that help to heal our broken hope. God ’s word

supplies the answers, which are not just a simple answer of self-denial. God wants to bless

us and restore a hope to us – His hope. It is deeper and more satisfying than our hope

ever could be and it does not require “faking our faith” to try and cover our hurt. Read and

listen as Denise shares this life-changing truth that finding hope during suffering is not just

about coping, but about reinventing our idea of hope and navigating through

disillusionment, by way of a grief process to find real hope in God’s sovereignty and


#1 - Hope Reinvented: Redefining our Hope

We have been handed down a hope in this world that was in the wrong place. Looking back into the foundation of our hope, we discover the cracks in hope's foundation and redefine it to be in Christ alone.

#2 - Hope Reinvented: Facing Disillusionment

Everyone has had their hopes crushed or let down. But God. He is there in the midst, helping us to pick up the pieces and learn to hope again.

#3 - Hope Reinvented: Thriving in the Desert

Walking through a horrific discovery in the life of her family, Denise navigated single motherhood and sought to find hope when life did not seem to have any. This session reveals the secret to hoping when all seems lost.

#4 - Hope Reinvented: Surprised by God’s Sovereignty

Could it be that losing our hope would lead to lasting hope? This session might surprise you. God does truly use all things together for our good and His glory.

#5 - Hope Reinvented: Unexpected Hope and the New Normal

Life will never look the same as it did before, but God can make beauty from ashes. Rise up and hope again - this time equipped with real hope that never disappoints.

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