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Posted by: Mary Katherine Morales on 09/07/2020


Emerging from the pandemic, along with tensions related to racial justice, Hope is the #1 predictor of success for 2021.   Hope is a SUPERPOWER is a series of interactive exercises designed to help people determine, achieve, and maintain optimal levels of mind, body, and spiritual health. Total transformation of our mindsets and communities is possible through taking simple steps to activate HOPE in our day to day lives. 

Key Takeaways: 

  1. Understand the scientific research of HOPE and the connection to holy scriptures. 
  2. Shift your mindset from fear to faith and from concern to confidence. 
  3. Simply evaluate your life, identify one area for growth, and develop action steps to transform your life. 
  4. Walk away knowing that you have the ability to shift your mindset and rise to the call upon your life – every day.  

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