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Posted by: Jayne Patton on 04/20/2020

Hope for the Prodigal

I don’t think it’s any stretch of the imagination to see ourselves as having been (or currently are) the prodigal son as seen in Luke 15. I think it’s easy to walk in "prodigal-ness" if I’m being honest, especially in relationship to God. In fact, I think there are a great many reasons why people walk away from their Heavenly Father. On a deeper level though, I think they are walking away from who they THINK God is because if they really knew God, believe me, He would be the LAST thing they would want to run away from.

As a former pastor's kids, I know what it is to have spent a season as a prodigal. I always say, if Jesus could catch me, He can catch your loved one too. Never, ever give up hope!

Jayne Patton, Founder

Altered Ministries


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