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Posted by: Bobbie Schaeperkoetter on 04/07/2018

Honoring Him in the Craziness of Life

This is the theme of Bobbie's website.  She loves to share practical ways that women can Honor God, even in the craziness of their everyday lives.  Bobbie is a firm believer that the best way to Honor God is to have a personal relationship with his son Jesus.  Bobbie shares an overview of her salvation story, her journey, and the ways that she honors Him in the craziness of her every day life by walking in her calling to encourage, empower, and equip women.  Bobbie shares her daily routine of carving out time to invest in building and strengthening her relationship with Jesus, learning God's word, and prayer.  She gives Biblical and practical ways that women can Honor Him by having a daily routine that focus on those concepts.

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