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Posted by: Linda Goldfarb on 10/29/2015

His Warrior Sisters: Standing Strong for Faith, Family & Freedom

One of Linda's most requested faith-based talks.

There’s urgency in the world today. Every Christian woman is called to stand for her faith but the noise of the world is drowning out God’s still quite voice. Linda Goldfarb’s His Warrior Sisters: Standing Strong for Faith Family and Freedom cuts through the noise giving the reader a chance to catch her breath and concentrate on who she is in Christ and how to successfully step into battle.

Book one, Owning Your Christ Identity, walks the reader through steps to own her Christ identity. Self-discovery combined with battlefield awareness empowers the reader to understand herself, her God-given tendencies, and her rightful place as a joint heir with Christ. 

Book two, Living Legacy Worthy takes the woman who now understands who she is in Christ, dresses her in the armor of God and walks her through putting feet to her faith. Goldfarb’s personal transparency and practical introspective questions and tips allow the reader to relate and challenges her to take action.

Book three, Passing the Sword provides the tools to engage in biblical mentoring for the everyday woman; where to find mentees, how to provide mentoring, and what to do next.

Session 1 -Discovering Your Battlefield Temperament 60-90minutes 

Session 2 -Recognizing  The Eden Effect 60-90 minutes 

Session 3 -Embracing The Order of Covering 60-90 minutes 

If you have a three-day event be sure to ask about Linda's Prayer-Tree session. 

LINKED Personality Assessments are available for attendees. 

Table-Talk questions are also available to increase group interaction.

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