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Posted by: Adele Morgan on 01/18/2018


Many people today are falling away from their Christian faith, partially because they only have a superficial or intelectual belief. Or they have never studied the Bible for themselves. It is imperative that we make our spiritual relationship with Jesus, (God in the Flesh) personal.   

It is always fun to share with others about our own personal family heirlooms that have been passed down to us through generations. Adele will compare and contrast our material heirlooms and our spiritual heirlooms. In this talk....Adele will take you through an overview of the Book of John. 

Adele will give 4 simple steps to strengthen the faith you have AND 7 reasons why we believe Jesus is who He said He was. The apostle, John validates who Jesus truly is. 

*This topic is especially good for Christmas and Easter events.

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