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Posted by: Jean-Ann Cooper on 04/11/2017

Healthy Boundaries: The Art Of Saying No

This topic is timely for MOPS groups.

First Lady, Nancy Reagan's campaign, "Just Say No To Drugs" sounded great. Parents cheered her commitment to the cause of ending drug use in America.

The Problem?

Not enough parents taught their kids HOW to say no. Not enough shared the steps necessary to identify, establish and maintain healthy boundaries.

Moreover, so the drug war continues.

Setting healthy boundaries is critical. And it is Biblical! In fact, without them, we are inviting disrespect into our relationships. The idea of setting boundaries make even the strongest of us squirm, but boundaries are nothing more than an invisible barrier that defines where you end, and the other person begins.

Without knowing and respecting our boundaries, we never learn how to say "no." When we say "yes" to someone one or something just because it is easier, we are telling our children that our priorities don’t matter and the easy road is the right path. We model behavior that tells them people will see them as kind, accommodating person if they just say "yes" rather than stand their ground and potentially disappoint or hurt someone's feelings.

Jean-Ann offers step-by-step tips on how to define, establish and maintain healthy boundaries and how to say "no" effectively. Scripture supports all the steps, and all are needed skills that will serve our children and us well for years to come.

Being the Mom of a toddler is fun and challenging. Their little eyes are watching, and ears are taking in everything we say and do. So here’s the problem, when that child is handed his/her first beer, or joint, or asked to have sex, will they know how to say "no" and mean it? Or will they take the easy road, say "yes" and not risk hurting someone's feelings?

Jean-Ann's presentation of this talk includes take-home worksheets.

Jean-Ann Cooper

Author & Christian Life Coach


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