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Posted by: La Vonne Earl on 06/04/2021

Healing the Leader Within

As a leader is it imperative that we are healed so we can heal others. Are wounds getting you in trouble by causing you to react in a way that doesn't glorify God?

We all react in ways that are not helpful at times and the main reason for this is we have lost an awareness of areas of brokenness in our lives. We are all in need of having God search our hearts and heal broken areas. 

Spoken with a sense of humor of broken parts in my own life, and that of others, I will help you to gain a greater awareness for healing. 

Become equipped with tools to help you renew your mind giving you great power in your leadership position. Identify the patterns that may be happening in those you lead so you can help them to heal and become more effective. 

You will become an even greater leader as you learn how to communicate in ways that help others come to know their needs. 

Learn practical tools for healing so you can become the leader God intended!

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