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Posted by: Simone Ascoli on 06/10/2019

Healing from Childhood Wounds

I explain stories of my own personal inner healing experiences and tell ladies that God is able to heal us in many different ways based on our uniqueness. I teach women what to expect when partnering with the Holy Spirit and close confidants within their community. I break down the purpose of emotional healing and why it is necessary for every believer to run after. We will not be able to help others efficiently until we have explored inner healing from childhood wounds. Everything that we have been through emotionally as children will shape our thinking patterns and decisions for the rest of our life and some of these experiences will never be positive until we allow ourselves to be worked on by the Holy Spirit. It is impossible for us to fully enjoy the salvation and freedom given to us from Jesus Christ until we have been healed from past wounds and can make healthy decisions, connections, and experience true growth in our identity.