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Posted by: Mary K Dunn on 11/24/2019

Harvesting Souls: Overcoming the Fear of Evangelism

Take lifestyle evangelism to a whole new level as you increase your courage to step into the harvest field. We'll take an internal look at why you resist sharing your faith, and embrace practical strategies for moving from fear to freedom. Come and join the reapers.


Is witnessing uncomfortable? Do you experience the fear of evangelism? Do you find yourself holding back from sharing your faith? Discover your WHYs and get free to change how you think about, approach and interact with unbelievers from this day forward.

Based on Luke 10:2
“The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few..."

Included in this program

  • Discover your underlying concerns when it comes to sharing your faith
  • Bravely face your fear of evangelism with others who experience the same feelings
  • Learn to overcome the aspect of "lifestyle" evangelism that can lead to inertia
  • Explore comfortable approaches to conversations with non-Christians
  • Get ready to lead others into a saving life in Christ 

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