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Posted by: Deborah Lovett on 02/29/2016

Gushing Springs

Trade your anxiety, disappointments, and offensiveness for contentment, peace and agape love as Deborah leads you through this program, concluding with a demonstration not soon to be forgotten. Learn how to become a Well-Watered Woman!


Based on Deborah's book, Gushing Springs, this conference brings to life the story of the woman at the well. Attendees walk in her sandals, and by the end, will have met Jesus, understood the living water He offers, and taken a deep drink of His life and love. Great for any audience. Brings the Bible alive!  

Very humorous as well as a great outreach message, it brings women to a place of purpose, just like the Samaritan woman had at the end of the story. Your women will come to understand how to be content and full of peace and agape love. It dives deep into God's Word, communicating God's heart for us to be women of the WELL not of the WORLD.

The grand finale is as impactful as it is unforgettable.

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