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Posted by: Kimberly Hooper on 06/30/2017

Growing Your Personal Leadership Effectiveness

Retreats/Workshops sharing how people can integrate foundation principles that lead to their own Personal Leadership Effectiveness Life*Time Operation System.

 Kimberly teaches women how to live and work in their strengths and how to have an action plan in areas that need development.  She explores with the audience how personal leadership effectiveness shapes the decisions and commitments that we make.  How do you spend your time?  Who do you associate with?  What is your objective?   When we are aligned with our unique capabilities and passions we will leave a lasting impact in the areas of life that we give focus to.  Specifically for women who desire to make a difference in their families, communities and marketplace.  To learn more about the MERIT Profile assessment click here:  MERIT Profile Information and Assessment.  Group pricing available for attendees to receive personal MERIT Profile report prior to Retreat/Workshop.  

Available for one-on-one coaching; group coaching; retreats; team building

To request your individual personal MERIT Profile and Development report, send email request to Kimberly@thevinesolutions.com (price $125.00) includes comprehensive development report and coaching session.

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