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Posted by: LaNette Shipley on 07/13/2017

Grief: When the Prodigal Child does NOT come home.

In 2015 LaNette lost her beautiful 32-year-old daughter. ShyAnn was a joy to raise, an accomplished talented, high spirited young woman, who was a saved believer, with so much promise. So what went wrong in her early 20's to cause her stray down the wide path of destruction? What happened to ShyAnn? We pray for our children, we fight for them. So why do they sometimes fall, and make choices they know better not too?  And how do we survive without bitterness; when our Prodigal child does not come home. How do we get through the worst trauma of our life, when our beautiful child dies. How do we overcome the guilt of our own errors? 

LaNette brings so much inspiration, wisdom of hope in this area. And helps to encourage stability to an unstable foundation within the trenches of grief. She also, offers understanding for the heart of the current lost Child, Teen or Adult prodigal. What do you do and, what not to do, what to say, and what not to say. And most of all, how to trust God with your child and surrender the torment and fear of what could happen. God knows the whole story your loved one is living through, He understands, so how do we set boundaries, and trust God no matter what. Luke 15:11-32

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