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Posted by: Debbie Ormonde on 09/28/2017

God’s Expectations

Acts 2:36-47

Expectations. They define how we look at other people. They define how we see ourselves. Learn what God expects of His children. When we truly understand what God’s expectations are, we can fully learn to live in sync with Him.

Setting Expectations Early Can Make for Happier, Longer Lasting Relationships

Contrary to what most people will tell you, great relationships don’t just “grow naturally.” They require communication.

Think about this statement for a moment: You could have avoided almost all of your relationship problems.

The belief in modern dating is that relationships should happen naturally. Two people meet, and if they are “right” for each other, like magic, everything will fall into place. You make sure not to come on too strong, let things just happen, and avoid talking about or placing any expectations on the relationship. How has this worked out? Successful relationships, at any level, require more communication then the magic.

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