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Posted by: Deb Potts on 08/07/2018

Getting Along with Prickly People

Did you ever wonder why all the prickly people hang out in your office or home? No matter who it is - Debbie Downer, Drama Mama, Bob Bossy, or Smarty Pants - this workshop will help you crack the prickly people code. Discover the sweet spot between current neuroscience and ancient wisdom on relationships.

Event Planners:

This is a 1 to 1 1/2 hour participatory workshop, suitable for Christian or secular businesses and service organizations. Everyone knows at least one prickly person! Your audiences will leave equipped to better understand and adjust their approach to the prickly people in their life. 

Audiences will be able to share their preferred personality and communication style with others. They will leave equipped to improve communication and conflict resolution with prickly people. Based on Deb's book, Making Peace with Prickly People.

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