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Posted by: Shari Fitzpatrick on 04/23/2020

Get ready to be “Berry” Inspired!

While sharing her inspirational story, Shari will cover the value in doing what you love, how to balance work inside your life and the importance of having your priorities in the correct order.

Through storytelling and humor Shari will share simple secrets for success while reminding you that we become stronger and learn the most during the difficult times in our life.

Those in attendance will leave motivated, energized and encouraged!

And oh, by the way….Shari brings her famous berries for all in attendance!

Shari brings great energy, is a master storyteller, and ignites inspiration that brings people to their feet. 

Turning tragedy she has experienced in business into triumph and teaching others to do the same has resulted in corporations and associations asking her back again and again. A funny motivational speaker: energy, laughter, interaction, customization, delicious surprises await that you can use to transform your business and your life. 

Information can be used immediately to accelerate careers, inside corporate America, for the entrepreneur, academia and Christian platforms. Delivered in a package that is entertaining and fun - she's a "meeting planner's dream."

Shari Fitzpatrick

Published Author, Speaker, Innovator, Entrepreneur, Berry Dipper



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