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Posted by: Jenny Foster on 11/04/2021

From Adversity to Inspiration

Topics may include:

My background (marriage and family steeped in alcoholism and abuse, trauma, infant loss, divorce, blended family challenges, long term chronic health issues, medical disability) has taught me to lean on God in ALL things. He repeatedly uses my "weakness" to help others. 

Learn how to lift yourself out of the pit with a renewed mind through Christ Jesus. Leverage your unique trials to be the hands and feet of Jesus in serving others. 

I. The human common denominator (we all have unique crosses to bear)

II. How are we different and how are we the same? 

III. Adversity can take us through the stages of grief 

IV. When to seek help? What kind of help may be best for you?

V. Why does God allow suffering? 

VI. What does faith have to do with it? 

VII. Put a deadline on your valley of adversity

VIII. How can you be inspirational to others? 

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