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Posted by: Kim Aldrich on 12/17/2022

FRIENDSHIP DISCIPLESHIP: Turning Good Conversations into God Conversations

Many believers are intimidated by the thought of making disciples. What if making disciples was simply a matter of becoming more intentional about the friendships you ALREADY have? 

Even if you've followed Jesus for years, the word discipleship  can sound a bit daunting. You may even feel you're not qualified to make disciples unless you're a pastor, teacher, or theologian. But what many believers don't realize is that their relationship with Jesus IS their qualification to make disciples! In this workshop, you'll learn a few "back pocket basic" skills to help you turn good conversations into God-conversations. Soon you'll be making disciples without even realizing it - and finding it as enjoyable as inviting a friend to coffee! 


"If you can do God conversations, you can make disciples. Because quality God conversations + loving accountability = discipleship."

"Your ongoing relationship with Jesus IS your credential to make disciples!"

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