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Posted by: Beth Kinder on 08/18/2016

Fix Your Thoughts

What is your mind fixated on? Is it what is true and good? Or what is fearful and uncertain. If our minds are not fixed on the truth of God’s Word, then when the “suddenlies” of life come, the enemy will turn them into “sudden-lies.” God’s desire is that you are so fixed on what is true, the suddenlies of life have no chance to deceive you. God has made a way to equip you to defeat the enemy of your mind, and live in the power of God’s truth. Let’s journey together to the truth of God’s goodness. 

In this talk you will: 

  1. Uncover the power of your declaration. 

  2. Learn to unpack scripture and discover its hidden power.

  3. See the masterpiece inside of you. 

This talk comes from Beth's best selling book Stronghold, The Secrets Beyond the Wall. Take a look into Beth's video here

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