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Posted by: Rhonda Stoppe on 04/28/2017

Finding Strength in Joy

Finding Strength in Joy- From Rhonda's own experience she has had to learn to fight for joy when life didn't turn out the way she expected. Learning to thank God for her son’s serious illness, encouraging her daughters through their numerous miscarriages, and a granddaughter born with special need,  and waiting upon the Lord as her husband recovered from a severe injury taught Rhonda how to fight for joy amidst life’s trials. 

Rhonda is authentic and real. Through laughter and tears her delightful delivery will equip listeners to determine to fight for joy no matter what circumstances God allows, because “the joy of the Lord is their strength.”

Life brings unexpected circumstances, but Nehemiah 8:10 reveals the secret of Joy as our strength. Rhonda's message brings hope and help for women who find themselves amidst a storm, and equips women to stand whenever they find themselves facing unexpected trials.

Listen: The Joy of the Lord is Your Strength

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