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Posted by: Marnie Swedberg on 08/02/2019

Feeling Loved

Only 3% of Americans say they "feel close to God." Discover how to feel loved by God, experience His embrace, connect instantly and often, and daily walk in God's presence like never before. Just think: God views of you as "best friend" material. Come and get it! 


  • The 5 keys to friendship with God (and others)
  • How and why to be "gut" honest
  • Humility: Key to God's heart
  • How to deal with feelings
  • How to hear from God (instead of just talking at Him all the time)
  • How to powerfully pray Scripture
  • Personalities in prayer (includes a personality test)
  • And more.


Marnie Swedberg is a leadership mentor to over 15,000 leaders from 35 countries, author of 13 books, founder/director WomenSpeakers.com, and host of a #1 ranked Internet Talk Show. Learn more at www.Marnie.com

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