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Posted by: Danna Demetre on 06/08/2020

Faith Over Fear

Ever wish you could walk on water? 

The story of Peter boldly jumping out of the boat to walk to Jesus ON the water has always inspired me. But, he didn't get very far before his fear took hold and he began to sink. Living bold in uncertain times can be daunting. But, there are so many lessons and truths from God's Word that can equip us and keep us LOOKING UP with confidence. 

It's been a tough year for me, too. Not only COVID, riots, but, my husband of 34 years broke my heart. Then, when I was just beginning to have hope we'd survive, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Not fun. BUT...GOD! God was there with and for me every single day.  Though I'd prefer NOT to repeat the past 12 months, I grew in ways I did not know were possible.  He has been faithful in throughout ALL the storms of my life...and He will be for you as well. The challenge is that we have to do OUR PART.  I love this quote by Oswald Chambers: "We cannot do what only God can do, and He will not do what we can."

In my "Faith over Fear" message(s), I share from the stories of my life and how God's Word and promises not only sustained me but even helped me experience a sense of joy even on my most trying days. 

If you choose me to be your speaker, I promise to share transparently and focus keenly on the truth and power that can only be found in God's Word and Jesus Christ our Savior. 

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