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Posted by: Chris Manion on 04/19/2017

Exercising Your Faith Muscle - 7 Ways to Pray

When yeast works in dough, the byproduct is CO2 that bubbles into the dough. In our spiritual lives, we sometimes grow a little too full of ourselves after the Lord works in our lives. Like rising dough, we need to get pressed down and and made finer, to rise again. Are you facing a new location, a new ministry, a new job, a new relationship? When God presses us into service, we sometimes need new ways to pray. The old ways may not work any more. Join us for an enlightening presentation with inspirational speaker and author, Chris Manion, as she teaches a series of spiritual tools and ways of praying to help us grow into a new calling or new cross to bear.

This workshop accommodates multiple time frames. At its widest, it expands over a 2-3 day retreats.

  1. Sacred reading (also called lectio divina)
  2. Ceaseless prayer – repetitive, simple prayer we repeat internally just as we tell ourselves to wash our hands before we eat, no elbows on the table, say please and thank you, give to the poor.Additional prayer practices include
  3.  Centering prayer
  4.  Manual labor
  5.  The Jesus prayer, 
  6.  The practice of the presence of God (by Brother Lawrence)
  7.  Reliving Biblical stories through the perspective of different characters (Ignation exercises) as time allows.

Spiritual Toolbox:

a. Guarding the heart – preventive medicine – to not allow poisonous energies of toxic people, places, and things in the world pull us away from God’s presence and pollute our inner being

b. Watchfulness of thoughts – we are not our thoughts. We choose which to keep, which to discard or disallow 

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