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Posted by: Debbie Norred on 06/25/2018

Everything is All Right

In 1 Kings 4:26 we see a woman who has just held her son in her arms and watched him die, say that everything is all right.  She starts out answering the prophet when he asks her, Is Everything all right, by saying that her husband is all right, her son is all right, and that she is all right.  Would you like to learn to say that everything is ALL right when sometimes it really is not ALL right?  

Debbie does a presentation with visuals to teach about the ALL God that we serve.  You will be uplifted and given relief when you hear this message.  You will leave with the words you need to know and speak to glorify God and change your situation.

The next time someone asks you how you are doing.  Say, "I am ALL right"!  That may sound weak but that is a very powerful statement.  

Things you will learn in this message:

How to be strong when you feel weak

How to know that God will provide for you

How to trust God when you don't know what to do

How to fall in love with God more and more everyday

How to trust God to work things for the good for you

How to feel safe when fear grips your heart

How to give generously when a need arises

How to believe that with God ALL things are possible

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