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Posted by: Mary Southerland on 11/17/2022

Escaping the Stress Trap

You can't eliminate stress, but you can learn to control stress before it controls you. Mary Southerland transforms the promises of the Twenty-third Psalm into easy-to-implement, practical steps that will hand you the keys to stress management. Imagine facing each day knowing how to:

  • Take charge of anxiety-filled moments in order to manage and control your stress level.
  • Maximize your physical energy and decrease stress levels by eating the right foods.
  • Choose the correct attitude toward your job in order to be successful in your work.
  • Respond correctly to anger, fear, and depression with healthy emotions that manage stress.

"Escaping the Stress Trap" is a story-filled, humorous, and helpful approach to dealing with the pressures of life. There is a book by the same title with a chapter-by-chapter study guide is ideal for both personal and small group studies.

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