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Posted by: Pam Caylor on 05/22/2021

Emotional Healing

Emotional Healing.  We have many wounded among us!  They stumble along, trying to cover the pain, trying to just keep going, trying to fulfill God's plan for their lives, yet so wounded and believing no one 'really' cares ... or that there's no 'real' healing available ... but there ARE those who care and there IS healing available!  

The truth is that most Christians today have settled in our lives for some little tiny piece of Who God Is!  We can 'believe' that God can heal 'someone else' - but when it comes to our own selves .... well, now, that's a different matter!  

Child Abuse, Abandonment, Abortion, Rejection, Poverty, Bullying, Spousal Abuse, Miscarriage, Barrenness, Church Hurt, Death ... the list goes on and on!  But NONE of the hurts are greater than our GOD!  We must wrestle with:  Who do WE SAY that God Is ... for US, for our ABUSERS, for our FLOCK ... 

In this workshop, we will learn how to let God heal US ... and we will also learn how to minister God's healing to those we serve and those we "Do Life" with!       

Pam Caylor, Evangelist, Ministry and Industry Leader.  Let's be about our Father's Business and help heal the hurt!  https://www.womenspeakers.com/united-states/las-vegas/speaker/pam-caylor  

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