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Posted by: Doreen Hanna on 08/11/2016

Embrace your Royalty - You are a Daughter of the King!

This topic that captures teen girls to women of all ages!

The question most often asked of Doreen is: "What does a Daughter of the King,  a princess, really look like in our society today?"  She delights in answering that question as she enlightens her audience of one, or hundreds, of their princess within - the heart of a Daughter of the King.   This topic, and her Modern Day Princess Princess resources, have sent her traveling internationally. She has been invited to speak to women leaders who are passionate to equip our next generation's women of influence (our teen girls) because she discovered a felt need in our churches and faith-based organizations.  That felt need is, a rite-of-passage into young womanhood.   Invite Doreen today as you plan your next royal event, and get ready to see your girls and women gain a greater understanding, delight in, and begin to walk in the royalty they possess.

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