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Posted by: Mamie Jones on 04/26/2017

Don't Change Lovers In The Middle Of The Night

With all we have to deal with day by day, with all the hype, confusion, letdowns  and on top of that  we are left with the task of trying to make the right decisions.    We can find our self in very overwhelming states, we can find our self in a very burned out state. to the point of   "IT IS TIME FOR ME TO LEAVE THIS ALONE"   It just is not working,  it is just to hard,  I see no progress.  Then the towel comes out   raised high over your head     ready to hit the pavement....  I have had enough!

I do not just understand this process;  I have lived this process and know the pain  and discouragement that can drive us to that state.   I went trough a test so intense that I trow the towel in  said it was enough   But somebody  say  "BUT GOD"

I understand changing Lovers   But some body Say "But God"     God Would not let me Go!

This teaching will encourage you back into the arms of God..... It will encourage you to re-fixed your hands to the horns of the altar, and set your face like flint   into the face of    Adonai (Your God  your Loving Master)    You will never be the same .  As You allow God to Minister to you in word and the gifts of His Spirit   AMJ

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