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Posted by: Jane Jenkins Herlong on 09/20/2017

Don’t Throw Tomatoes at My Field of Dreams!

When life gives you over-ripened tomatoes, make some ketchup! In this presentation—full of enriching content and enlightening humor—Jane shares successful business and life strategies learned from working in her father’s tomato fields as a young girl. Jane’s humorous, original storytelling focuses on Christian living, personal accountability and life-balance, while promoting the highest standards of ethics for peak performance and bottom line productivity. This keynote presentation is perfect for mixed audiences, conferences, associations and customer service groups who needs to out-think or re-think the competition. Your group will discover:

The value in making great mistakes.

Why business as usual is NOT business as usual —so be unusual!

How difficult people can actually empower you.

How to identify the “Best Worst Thing that Ever Happened.”

How to become a “keeper” to your customers.

"It was such a pleasure meeting and hearing your presentation. From the evening before to the main event, I’ve never laughed so hard!" — Anita Cline Healthy Woman™