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Posted by: Joanna Fruhauf on 01/20/2022

Determining Purpose: What's in Your Hand?

Everyone these days looks for a purpose. What is the scope of who they are to become, things they are to do.  

We often hear the age old question, "What is My purpose?"

Everyone wrestles it, from teens to established adults.  It is not a new question, it is an essential question.  The answer is often elusive, mysterious and frustrating to grasp a hold of, much like a vapor, or water.

We are not alone in having struggled with this paramount question.  We stand in the good company of Moses, David, Samuel, Peter, Hannah, Esther and so many others.  Often God simplifies the question by removing the mystery and fantasies we may have by replacing them with a solid understanding of where we are and what we have already accomplished.  

How can those things be used to move into the purpose He has before us? Will we recognize it before hand? Will we miss it? What can help us to understand it better?

Looking at different scenarios from Scripture and basing our understanding firmly on God's desire to increase His Kingdom through us, we will uncover and perhaps rediscover what has been in our hands all along!

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