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Posted by: Cookie White on 05/13/2017

Dealing with Grief....it's not just about death

I'm a Cinderella girl...I like happily-ever-after stories; the good guy/gal wins; the girl gets the Prince....well, you get the picture.  I've always been saddened by experiencing mean-spirited remarks, mistreatment of people, dire illnesses, broken relationships...and yes, even death.

Is it possible as Christians to prepare for grief?  Just as we seek to prepare our children for playing contact sports with not only knowledge, but the proper equipment, we can begin to look beyond our immediate circumstances and spiritually ready ourselves with the armor of God for daily living encompassing times of grief.

This topic deals with subjects such as physical ailments/barrenness; wayward children; sinful lifestyles; denial of Christ; times of loss (when bad things happen to good people)/natural disasters and death.

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