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Posted by: Evelyn Leite on 09/26/2022

Dance Like There's No Tomorrow

Based on Evelyn’s book, Dance Like There’s No Tomorrow, this program includes insights, strategies and spiritual encouragement to help hurting women move into full freedom in Christ. 

Nancy Schmidt says, “With so much compassion and insight into the impact of addiction on each member of the family, this program provides a roadmap to living a healthy life in spite of the many potential obstacles.”

Whether from a dad, husband or whomever, if you’ve been searching for love and romance everywhere, consumed by feelings of confusion, guilt and downright anger, you’ll discover a close, intimate relationship with Jesus is available to you, and that He can change everything.

Evelyn addresses real-life issues related to depression, anxiety and living with brokenness. She shares God’s redemptive story in a way you’ll love to understand.

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