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Posted by: Keli Hillier on 06/26/2018

Crock Pots and Lazarus

In the gospels, Jesus was a people magnet.  Sinners sought Him out and ENJOYEbeing in His presence.    Jesus was real with non-believers and they responded to His genuineness.  Christians should be the most authentic people around, but I hid behind the pretense that everything was ok, even though I was dying on the inside. I thought I had to...because I was a Christian.  The Family of God isn't an empty title and church should not be where we hide our pain, but rather, where we bring our pain. Sisterhood in Christ should mean something wonderful. We are called to Do Life together, to encourage and uplift one another.  We are to be known by our love for one another.  With so many hurting people in the world, it is time for Church of Jesus Christ to shine.

Keli Hillier

Keli Hillier Ministries


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