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Posted by: Dene Starks on 06/30/2018

Create Your Life

Some people have a fleeting idea of what they want to do, be or have in their lives. But it often remains just that--fleeting. We're so used to thinking that life just happens to us. But what if you actually have the capability to create a life you want? Why not give yourself a gift of one day focused on exploring the kind of life you would like to have? Everyone from Jim Carrey to Oprah Winfrey to John Assaraf swear by the power of creating an intentional life and one of the tools they use is creating a Vision Board. Come spend a day getting clear about what you really want, recognizing the old beliefs and patterns that keep you stuck, and create your very own Vision Board to take home and use to effortlessly move toward what you want to do, be and have in life.